Brian Wagers recently moved from Winchester, Kentucky to Louisville, Kentucky to attend the University of Louisville. During his pursuit of a mathematics degree, Brian is teaching chess with Chess Performance. When he was in Winchester, he volunteered to teach chess to many students throughout high school and he also helped run several chess tournaments. Brian is a very experienced chess player and he will guide the students he has this year to become superb chess players. Brian is a very kind person and we are working with him through training sessions to help make him a more complete instructor. It is our aim to help Brian as much as we can during his tenure in Louisville as he pursues his career!

Instructor Brian Wagers

Brian is also a club level tournament director. That means he is able to run smaller tournaments and he can participate in running larger tournaments as long as higher level tournament directors are present.

In order to become a tournament director, you have to be willing to read a 500 page book on all of the tournament rules of chess. Note that these rules go beyond the basic chess rules but teach a person how to make fair and balanced rulings during controversial moments during a tournament. Brian has begun his training to become the best tournament director he can be and we will be sure to provide him more training!

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