Originally, our company was named "Chess Teaching & Performance Evaluation" and we would use the acronym CTPE when we began the company in 2008. As time went on, people colloquially began calling us "Chess Performance."

Our logo was designed after we came up with our original name and bears the 4 letter acronym which creates a pawn, the chess piece that always has the most potential. The red part is the C, the yellow part is the T, the green part is the P, and the base is the E.

We really like our name and logo. It shows that we are very involved with chess and it really showcases the creativity within our company. We also like to point out that we put chess above all things, which is symbolized by having the C as the top of the logo.

Some companies out there will put their profit margins and investors before the clients. At Chess Performance we truly do put chess first. We regularly make decisions that put chess above our paychecks and we do our absolute best to keep prices fair so that everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds, have access to chess. We have given away more scholarships, chess sets, tournament entry fees, camp fees, and discounts than any chess company in the area. We have also created a tournament whose sole purpose is to purchase each participant's annual $20 - $30 US Chess membership fee so that they can participate in tournaments each year.

Our original name points to exactly what we do: Chess Teaching (we teach chess) and Performance Evaluation (we evaluate performance). Ryan Velez, co-owner of Chess Performance, uses his background in Testing and Design to create achievement tests that help every instructor know what lessons to teach their students. With differentiated learning being one of the top criteria for any school whose goal is to help students excel to their highest potential, our tests divide students into groups of similar ability allowing them to progress at a good pace.