John started playing chess in grade school at Brandeis Elementary. In high school, his team at Ballard won the state chess championship 3 out of 4 years. Since then, John has focused on being a chess teacher. Always willing to share his knowledge, John started teaching chess at a younger age than most, helping his peers and eventually becoming a classroom instructor. John helped co-found Chess Performance many years ago. As one of our top instructors, John helps organize 40+ chess clubs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Instructor John Simons

John Simons, trained by Steve Dillard, who was one of the top tournament directors in the history of US Chess, has not only run every major Kentucky tournament at least two times over, but has begun helping run tournaments at the National level. The hardest position within a tournament is running the pairings software to ensure players play the proper opponent. John is the most efficient pairings chief (computer TD) that Kentucky has ever seen. Now, John helps others become tournament directors, in the same way Steve Dillard did. Without John, many tournaments would have faltered over the last 4 years as several top TDs are no longer with us.

Governance Credentials

Classroom Management Training

Safe Environment Training

Certified US Chess Coach

Certified US Chess Tournament DIrector

Former KY Scholastic Coordinator

Holds 3 State Championship Titles

Trained 10+ State Champions

Trained 15+ State Teams

Taught over 1,000 students

20 years teaching experience

Training Credentials

Competition Credentials