Miami Fugatte (Few'got'e) is one of our most experienced chess coaches. Having taught chess for over 20 years, he has helped train many state champions and state championship teams in addition to holding 2 state championship titles himself. Miami is also currently studying to become a school teacher and he brings this experience into the chess classrooms as well. As our most active coach, he is responsible for teaching nearly 200 students per year and he attends nearly all of our chess tournaments.

Instructor Miami Fugatte

In addition to being in the top 2% of chess players in Kentucky, and state championship title holder, Miami also holds a Tournament Director's (TD) licence that only 9% of tournament organizers hold: Senior TD.

The Senior TD license is a regional level certification that allows Miami to run larger tournaments than most people. To become a senior TD, you have to invest around 500 hours organizing and running tournaments, you must read the US Chess Rules Book cover to cover, and you must pass a rigorous test that indicates you have the proper knowledge.

Governance Credentials

Working on his Education degree

Classroom Management Training

Safe Environment Training

Certified US Chess Coach

Certified Regional Tournament Director

Former 2x KY Chess President

Former 2x KY VP

Former KY Chess Treasurer

Former KY Secretary

Holds 2 State Championship Titles

Trained 20+ State Champions

Trained 25+ State Teams

Taught over 2,000 students

26 years teaching experience

Training Credentials

Competition Credentials