Randas Burns started teaching chess in Louisville, Kentucky during the 2008 scholastic chess season. Before that, Randas was taught chess by his dad when he was very young. Randas is one of the top coaches in Kentucky not only because of his high chess ranking, but also because of his ability to understand students. Randas keeps diligent track of how every student he has does at local events. Randas is also the Kentucky Chess Association President which means it is his job to make sure all the key chess events are organized each year.

Instructor Randas Burns

Randas is one of the most reliable and consistent tournament directors in Kentucky. If you need to ensure a tournament is run smoothly and to make sure problems between players are handled in a compassionate and amicable way, Randas is the guy for the job. Currently, Randas is getting ready for his Senior TD test, which is a regional level of certification. He has all of his credentials in order and the last one is taking the rigorous Senior TD test. Once completed, he will be in the top 9% of tournament directors in the country. Randas has also been a tournament director for every major Kentucky tournament over the past 6 years or so. He is a boon to Kentucky chess.

Governance Credentials

Classroom Management Training

Safe Environment Training

Certified US Chess Coach

Certified Local Tournament Director

Current Kentucky Chess President

National Chess Congress Member

Former Kentucky Chess Secretary

Holds 1 State Championship Title

Trained 5+ State Champions

Trained 10+ State Teams

Taught over 600 students

15 years teaching experience

Training Credentials

Competition Credentials