Richard Williams is a local chess player with a lot of experience. He holds a law degree and is also a culinary chef. He has been trained by Ryan Velez on how to instruct students to improve their chess and has begun handling his own classes. Richard is a regular attendee at the Yussman Chess Center and has been around chess most of his life. He regularly plays online with friends, goes to chess tournaments, and he is an official tournament director for US Chess.

Instructor Richard Williams

In 2015, Richard Williams became an official US Chess tournament director. Richard knows the rules of chess fairly well and we have no doubt that he will pass his exams to increase his tournament director license.

Richard is a regular face at Chess Performance events and he even worked at the SPF World Open last year as one of the floor tournament directors.

Governance Credentials

Law Degree

Coaching Training

Classroom Management Training

Safe Environment Training

Current Ky Chess Vice President

National Chess Congress Member

Training Credentials