2. Be sure you selected the correct tournament.

3. Be sure you selected the correct grade. For the Grade Level Championship, we'll use this category to determine which section you're in.

4. Learn about sections HERE.

5. This lets us know which team you're on.

6. If you spelled your name properly above and you don't know your ID, we can find it.

10. We only use addresses for refunds or if we sign you up for US Chess membership.

7. We need this to sign you up for US Chess your US Chess membership.

1. Please check your spelling.

9. We do most of our communication through email since we deal with a lot of people.

12. At tournaments, we don't allow parents in the rooms to watch the kids for many reasons. So, we often hire photographers and put the pictures on our Facebook Page as a compromise to parents. Which requires the photo release agreement.

11. We offer very affordable lessons.

8. We only use phone numbers for last minute communications.